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Today it's turn for the asexual Queerfling! I think he came out sooo cute! 🥰 I wanted to draw a character with a youthful appearance, not only to make it similar to the original drawn by myselfsquared, but above all because it must be difficult when you’re very young and part of the LGBTQ+ community!

Just because you're young, people think you don't know what's best for yourself, that you’re only confused, ect and so everyone around you thinks they can have a say in your sexual orientation.

Especially if you decide that you have no sexual orientation towards anyone. unfortunately, I personally had a lot of experience of this. Now asexual people are beginning to be more respected and recognized but I'm afraid there is still a lot of work to be done. Apparently, not having sexual desire or having it only in specific ways is really a difficult thing for people to accept, in a sex-obsessed world.

I hope that in the future asexuality will become more and more and more something normal and respected. or at least that people will mind they’re own business 😊

Although drawing and design are mine the original ideas belongs to these artists:

Queer Tieflings by myselfsquared:
LGBT Weapons by foxflightstudios: Foxflight Studios — LGBT ARMORY GENERAL SALE ANNOUNCEMENT: The LGBT... (

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