moani1582 (Fan Art Portfolio) Secret Santa 2020 Stanza

Secret Santa 2020 Stanza
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Heyo Starscream. This is my SS gift. I hope you like it. I not quite sure if I got the colors or body ratio correct. Also as you can tell it’s basically a DTIYS type.

I had fun drawing her and I can definitely she her as part of the show. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the show itself. In fact, I only knew of the show through memes and I watched the pilot episode for the first time to get a feel of it (about a week ago).

So I’m assuming by the type of clothing that Stanza wears, she’s probably (like Sportacus) sporty and full of energy. I had to draw her in a “spunky and alive” pose. Soccer ball added in relevance to the first episode.

As for the art itself…..Sketch, Color Shading, and Line Art done on one layer with tons of adjustment layers on top. Somehow I noticed I like the sketchiness feel nowadays. This method allows me to pick and choose which parts of the sketch (which is done painterly styled) will be incorporated into the final render. Clean Line art is added as I go. Sure It may take longer but I feel there’s more personality in the art when I do it this way. If you zoom in closely your see lots of artifacts and rough areas as well as mistakes. Some parts left not shaded to give that anime feel as painterly styling takes away this aesthetic. The goal is to use painterly styled coloring (volume) and balanced with flat cell shading anime/manga line art (flatness)

Thanx to Moonfini for inviting me to this event. BTW I’m hardly on this site so apologies in advance if I miss your messages

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