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The Past 8 Months
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I was hesitant to post this at first, but I feel like this is a healthy way to both practice my drawing and get through some things I'm dealing with.

I said in a post a while ago that over the past 6 (now 8) months I've cried more tears than I've cried in my life up to now, and that feels very true given what happened the other day.

I've been having a really rough time and the other day, I think it was Thursday, I just started crying because I had a hard time handling the stress and anxiety I've been harboring.
After that whole thing I proceeded to pick myself back up, I went to church and talked to someone afterwards about what's going on and now I feel better.

This has been kind of a cycle for me recently, but I know I'm near the end of my long-standing worries, and maybe soon on when I get through it I can look back at this drawing and say "Man I've gotten so much better since then."

And like I've said before, I feel that it is really cathartic to post on here sometimes.
I've got some more projects for way down the line so look out for those.

I know I look like I'm 40 years old in this picture, but that was supposed to be me trying to make shadows, not age lines.

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