TheDarkEclipse (Fan Art Portfolio) Jerri Maize (OC #6: The Warrior Princess)

Jerri Maize (OC #6: The Warrior Princess)
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So this is a backlog OC and I thought about entering this one for Keba's OC Poll and Countdown but I decided against it.
Even so, I was finally able to make a really good drawing of Jerri.
She's actually the most developed OC from the story she's in, but I just have a hard time drawing her.
Anyways, I just wanted to share this.

Name: Jerri Maize
Age: 14
Occupation: High School Student
Nickname: The Yellow Contraband
Height: 5'3
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Jerri is the only person of the troupe that has had a harsh upbringing. Her father abandoned her and her mother married another man. Eventually the marriage became abusive and Jerri hated her stepfather, calling him "The bully of all bullies." Her only friend was Madaline, whose parents often let Jerri stay for weeks at a time to get away from her family.

As the years went on, Jerri's compassion for people who get "bullied" (she uses that word a lot) turned into a tomboyish aggression towards the less than favorable people she knows. Nobody ever wanted to mess with her, and she took this talent to the Secret World after her, Madaline, Elias, and Joel stumbled into it. She was named The Yellow Contraband, a powerful warrior with the power to overthrow kingdoms at will.

After undergoing very intense training to familiarize herself with the newly acquired powers, she challenged the evil empress who ruled that place. Although she was defeated before she could even reach the tower, she eventually gained a new form after the empress' second-in-command shared the last of his power with her before dying.
Jerri's favorite sport is wrestling. She often employs her wrestling skills to beat up on people she deems as "bullies."

Dedicated to Keba 'cuz I want you to see it.

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
OC, TDE, Yellow
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