TheDarkEclipse (Fan Art Portfolio) Hideki (OC #5: The Fighter)

Hideki (OC #5: The Fighter)
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Thanks to Keba for inspiring me to draw more.

This is my 5th and final character that I am pondering on entering for Keba's OC Poll and Countdown.

Name: Hideki
Age: 24
Occupation: None--interested in becoming a medical student
Nickname: Hide
Height: 6'5
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Light brown
Hideki was virtually homeless as a child, often moving from home to home and gym to gym in Kanto. Along the way he met various gym members and nurses who would teach him and take care of him. In his teenage years he was often requested to participate in both underground and legitimate competitions and he was very skilled. Despite being kind-hearted and having a firm sense of honor, he was very disliked and often got picked on. One day he witnessed his friend/mentor at the time be brutally attacked by the people he had once defeated, and was overcome with sorrow. He decided to leave Kanto and search for his purpose in life elsewhere.
As he left he was introduced to the Water Gods before finding the PGR Mansion and living there for a short while. With his vast array of weapons at his disposal he contributed in the war against the Water Gods and helped Krory, Lux, and Xio prevent the world from being flooded. He saw many gruesome things and killed a few people with his bare hands. The stress of the war and having a near fatal injury to his leg resulted him in developing PTSD.

When the PGR Mansion's inhabitants all left to recuperate, he found a way into the Kalos region and searched for a way to be healed of his condition. In those 4 years he got into a bit of mischief between a crime syndicate and an Officer Jenny but found a way to permanently heal his leg. With his aid to Officer Jenny he was exonerated of his crimes and fled the Kalos region once again.
Soon after he came into contact with his long lost brother Charlie and after some intense training by a waterfall, his PTSD outburst had been greatly reduced.

Dedicated to Eneko for being a wonderful PGR Leader

Pokemon Fan Art
Gijinka, Hideki, hitmonlee, OC, TheDarkEclipse
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