Keba Si Rota (Fan Art Portfolio) BELATED OCtober Day 7: Jon

BELATED OCtober Day 7: Jon

I'm not dead yet.

This is day 7 of OCtober, which I'm posting OVER A MONTH AFTER THE FACT. This time, I drew Keba's costar from Destination, Jon.


Jon is a man who wants to make good, though with a past that haunts him and an uncertain future, he tends to doubt himself. Being only human, he has no special powers or abilities... or so he thinks.

A struggling musician, he traveled from town to town looking for performance opportunities. His life changed entirely when he became the victim of a truck accident, and was later resurrected by heavenly forces. In exchange for a second chance at life, he must be the protector of a fox girl named Keba.


Again, the hair gave me trouble. I had to look at older drawings of Jon to remember what his hair actually looked like. The anatomy isn't perfect either, but I am very proud of how I drew his hands. Confession: I drew him in his long-sleeved shirt because I didn't feeling like tackling his tattoo. Then again, it would have been mostly obscured from that angle anyway.

I'm dedicating these sketches at random to people who subscribe to me. Yes, I'm still continuing that tradition, even though OC October (and October in general) is over. This one goes out to Percy because he drew Jon back when I was hosting my OC Challenge.

This sketch was drawn entirely in Clip Studio Paint.

Jon and Destination are my character and story.

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