Keba Si Rota (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober Day 2: Freddy Marshall

OCtober Day 2: Freddy Marshall

Here's day two on day three of OCtober. I'm on a Survival Instincts kick, so here's one of the other main characters, Marshall. (Everyone calls him Marshall because he hates his first name.) I'm going to put another quick bio here, though if you want to know more about him, feel free to ask some questions.


Marshall is a boy with a tough exterior, but deep down, he's a good person. He lives with his mother, whom he does not get along with. At all. His favorite pastime is playing video games (especially shoot-'em-up type stuff). He also likes fast food.

Marshall runs away from home after a particularly bad argument with his mother. He takes a bus from the suburbs to the city and hides out in a warehouse. It's there that he meets Naomi, and learns that they both have more in common than one might think.


I started this sketch last night, and didn't have time to finish it. The pose is a little awkward, but at this point, I just wanted to get it out of the way. As a side note, Marshall's shirt has a firey pattern on it, but I omitted that, again, because I just wanted to get this sketch done. I'll fix that when I finish the sketch. Until then, comments/suggestions are much appreciated.

I'm also dedicating these sketches at random to people who subscribe to me. If you want to be one of these lucky people, you can PM me. Just be aware that I will randomly decide who gets what. This one goes out to Kita because I think she really likes Marshall.

This sketch was drawn entirely in Clip Studio Paint.

Marshall and Survival Instincts belong to me.

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