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We Dem Boys
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Here they are again,

and I'm glad that this turned out well, I am usually really bad at drawing multiple figures on one page, but this time I made it work!

So there's a lot going on in this photo so let me explain it.

My 3 OCS, Aika (left), Kile (center), and Alaxastar (right).

Aika was originally made as a "Yu Yu Hakusho" OC, which is why I always draw him with a Spirit Gun charging in his fingertips. Therefore I drew him in Yusuke's green jumpsuit (I'll probably color these later and repost).

Kile is supposed to be Devil Jin from "Tekken." Tekken is one of my favorite video-games, second only to Kingdom Hearts, and since Kile is supposed to be aligned with "Kingdom Hearts" I decided to pass him as my (former) main in my favorite fighting game.
Plus I often see Jin/Devil Jin as an allegory for my actual life. I, too, have a screwed up family, to the point where it feels like I'm cursed and in the midst of turmoil it releases a violent and destructive nature.

Profound and sad moment aside,
Alaxastar is supposed to be a Soul Reaper from "Bleach." I don't really like "Bleach" but I decided to have him wear the black robe of the Shinigami and holding a Hollow mask because Alaxastar's default costume is the Organization XIII coat, so I'm used to drawing him in long robes.
Also, in his power form, Alaxastar has one black eye and one red eye, which is why the coloring is off.

Would you like to see this in color? Please let me know.


WildGirl1977, big fan of your artwork...Just sayin'

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Aika, Alaxastar, Bleach, Kile, OC, Tekken, Yu Yu Hakusho
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