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retired fc [kyoku]

TECHNICALLYYYYYYYYYY this should be in the inuyasha tag BUTTTTT oh well

hey remember many many many years ago when i had this inuyasha fan character, i created her in 2005 when i was 11 and she would be in many comics up to 2008 when i was around... 15 or so. had her a while then got bored working on the comics that i drew literally everyday. kinda got me into the hook of drawing comics and is how im doing them to this day.

really i started doing fan comics with lilo & stitch when i was 9 and 10 but uh. those are a different story. i worked on those, then detective conan comics then started inuyasha comics and ended up writing original stories with my own characters the same year i abandoned my inuyasha comics
I STILL HAVE MANY OF THOSE ORIGINAL COMICS, even the original story i drew when i was 14 that became what PSYCHE! is right now.

i guess i owe this character a lot.
i drew her recently since me and a friend were talking about inuyasha ocs on twitter, lol.

i remember when colouring her my sister said the purple and dark skin combo looked cute so i kept that. she reminded me of shiori. originally she was created as a character that would be tied to a oc a classmate drew and we were gonna work on a inuyasha fan comic together and i had her character's design and backstory but doing the comic together was abandoned since she lost interest in it but i still wanted to do it so i kept her character in the story a little bit.
none of these comics were ever uploaded online cuz i didnt even have a computer back then much less a scanner.
i revived that original comic in '08 when i finally did have a computer (oddly the same year i stopped writing the comics...) and had it on here and DA but, lol. THOSE ARE GONE NOW. my DA deactivated (im sad since i lost a lot of PSYCHE! stuff i only uploaded there and didn't save to flash drives....)

now i just do original comics and i'll be working on m story for a long time (i already have been.... SO MANY YEARS.....)

a long history for a character i barely remember the story for.
basic run down of her own backstory, she got introduced in the story badly wounded and manipulated and on the verge of ritual suicide before sesshoumaru stepped in, wounded himself from a recent battle and so began that uncomfortable relationship of marriages, breaking up, children, those children dying, those children coming back, living in kagome's time and staying in her future. basically her and sesshoumaru constantly dying and coming back too, and i ended the series on like 155 volumes/chapters and sesshoumaru was still living in kagome's time with a complicated friendship with some college student, and kyoku dead and i just lost interest (i got into higurashi no naku koro ni and... well... all those old arts are still here so u can see where sesshoumaru moved... GOD I'M EMBARRASSING)


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