toyotami kun (Fan Art Portfolio) I use to be a thief, but now I'm a heart breaker...

I use to be a thief, but now I'm a heart breaker...
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lol that title, very creative....
This is Roscoe, he’s the third person to join Fang and Lexia’s duo. (lol now a trio). Originally he was a petty thief who didn’t know how to use his fire powers. One day he made the mistake of mugging Lexia and Fang. After nearly getting beat up by Fang, he decides to join the duo in looking for Crystal. He also is making Fang teach him how to use his fire powers, even though Fang keeps telling him he does NOT have fire powers.

He appears to be the youngest out the three, but he’s actually much older then people think. ;)

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daily drawing, Male oc, random, toyotami
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