SmallxLady (Fan Art Portfolio) All bow before the queen

All bow before the queen
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I was also a loss of what exactly do draw for this for quite some time. When I first visualized the title, I pictured something like an authoritative queen...but I felt that wasn't right. About five e redesigns later I came up with this. I chose a more gentle and approachable look for telling queen, but focused more why her subjects should bow before her.

For me, music is everything. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry, rage, scream, love and share things. Music to me is what gives like color. Sounds are magical things that when put together in the right way, paint life in every hue possible. So, I gave the queen the gift of music. Because without it life is dull. Without it life is monochrome.

This is symbolized by the queen herself being grey. Only the music she sings has color. Only music can make life beautiful. That's why I chose the sheet music for "Suteki da ne" to illustrate her voice.

I apologize for this being on the back of a handout, I didn't have a sketch pad with me v.v


Attempt number two to enter contest xD

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