HametsuKuro (Fan Art Portfolio) Alex and The Forest

Alex and The Forest
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Where to start with this....

Well, I first began the original sketch in October of 2015. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied with how it was coming together. I scrapped the original sketch and began a new one January 2016.

This means I spent an entire year on this piece. I hope it shows it, since this is COMPLETELY different from what I usually do. This is THE FIRST landscape piece I've done. So, if there is anything off, I apologize.

I hope you like it as much as I do! I love how well this came out. It's probably my personal favorite.

Now, a proper background:

This is a story I've been writing (it might be a webcomic instead, I'm still deciding). It is called Terracaelus: The Forest . Here, Alex is traveling to a village after leaving home to avoid an unwelcome suitor. She emerges from one forest to cross a vast chasm to another.


Centuries into the future, after almost being wiped out, mankind take refuge in the skies to escape Earth’s fury and let it heal. The Utopian society only lasted for so long, and those who opposed the Sky Cities’ leaders were cast to the forest below. Those who ventured below or were cast away discover the resurgence of mythical and legendary creatures. Now, a new threat has arrived where a distant Sky City ruler is hunting them down for their magical properties while the others are trying to kill them off before his army gets to them first.

Also, HOLY CRAP, I had to shrink this down by 5000 pixels!!!! JUST so it can fit within the 2MB limit :O

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
Alexandra Anderson, Landscape, OC, Story, Terracaelus, The Forest
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