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so!! i got my inuyasha anime fanbook in the mail a couple days ago

only 3 inuyasha artbooks/profile books exist and i own the VIZ licensed english profles book and now this anime artbook that includes comparisons to the anime scenes vs. the scenes in the manga, commentary about it, commentary on the characters anime profiles plus japanese voice actor commentary and it goes up to volume 18

however, yeah. it's only in japanese so i cant read it fluently or at all lol but translations exist online

and then there's one more inuyasha artbook specifically for the manga and i was gonna order the import, (its also only in japanese) but all the copies are library copies and include highlighting, torn pages and such HOWEVER, considering the great condition this one arrived in (it was also a library import), i'm considering buying the other artbook then

ANYWAYS, i guess i'm always an inuyasha fan lol, 13 years and going probably

when i was 12 i was like, "i'll be over this before im 21 and over anime completely"
boy how wrong i was.

ALSO IM GETTING THE VIZ BIG EDITION OF VOLUME 17 TODAY SO I JUST NEED 16 AND 18 AND IM ACTUALLY COMPLETE IN OWNING ALL THE INUYASHA MANGA AFTER 13 LONG YEARS OF COLLECTING IT LOL (the vizbig editions are basically remastered versions of the manga including UNFLIPPED pages and putting 3 volumes in 1). viz started unflipping the manga when volume 36 got translated officially in english and it carried over so i guess they decided LET'S JUST RE-RELEASE THE OLD VOLUMES UNFLIPPED AS WELL.

might be a waste of money since i bought up to volume 20 of the ani-manga (which was the anime episodes but in. manga format. an actual waste of money tbh lol) and buuying individual copies of the manga and now rebuying them just unflipped. yeah omg lmao.
i don't own those volumes anymore both the manga and ani-manga since we moved recently and my mom was like "I DONT WANNA CARRY ALL THIS" (cuz i had duffle bags and boxes of just manga, so some inuyasha manga had to be sacrificed).

omg i think this is the longest commentary i have given on a submission since i started this website LOL.
i just love inuyasha too much, dang.

Inuyasha Fan Art
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