Judai Winchester (Fan Art Portfolio) Starfall (MLP OC concept)

Starfall (MLP OC concept)
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Materials: iPad drawing app + Photoshops

NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is just a CONCEPT art for my new character. Design and story are subject to change.


Brief Profile is brief

Name: Starfall

Species: Earth Pony/fox pony

Appearance: pale whiteish aqua body with a blueish aqua mane and tail. With Vericus, she gains 3 tails plus Vericus who can also disguise himself as a 4th tail. This tail is red when he's in hibernation.

Personality: shy, loner (except for Vericus), kind, later on becomes talkative when she makes new friends

Backstory: Starfall is an Earth Pony who once lived in a small village a bit ways from Ponyville. She has a brother named Stormy Fog who was cruel and mean to her. She was close to her mom until she died. Then it became just her, her brother, and her father. Her father was away attending to royal duties to Princess Celestia as part of the royal guard so most of the time it was just Stormy and Starfall. Things weren't exactly easy for Starfall as her brother was cruel to her all the time and abused her. One fateful night she had been beaten so badly she was almost on the brink of death. She looked up at the sky and realized that there was light and hope. That is essentially how she got her cutie mark. She mustered her willpower and ran away from home into the Everfree Forest. Her determination for something better spurred her forward until the blood from her injuries attracted the Timber wolves. She was too weak to fight and then in a burst of fire Vericus, the red fox fire demon appeared and saved her life. For saving her life, she had to make a contract with him which fused the two together and they've been like that ever since.
Vericus once fusing with the young Earth Pony helped heal some of her injuries but not all. He guided her toward's Zecora's cottage and Zecora took her in and raised her as her own daughter. Zecora also taught the young Starfall how to use magic and how to channel Vericus's energy however he still had a mind of his own.

Name: Vericus

Species: Fire Fox demon

Personality: witty, cunning, intelligent, sarcastic, mischievous, kind

Backstory: Pretty much same as Starfall except he is the only Fire Fox demon left as the rest of his family were attacked by an unknown dark force along time ago.


So yeah had to give a brief profile and backstory for these two to explain them. I was motivated and inspired to create these characters by basically the MLP fandom and I wanted something different. I didn't really quite think I wanted my character to be just a unicorn, an alicorn, pegasus, or Earth Pony. Well Starfall is an Earth Pony fused with a fox demon. Don't know if something like this would actually exist in Equestria but hey you never know.

Anyway I drew this concept art on my ipad and had to fix some things in Photoshop. Figured it was 2017 and I would create a character and try to come up with a backstory for her.

So yeah. I'd like to introduce Starfall and Vericus, my new MLP OC(s). They're a work in progress.

Hope everybody enjoys the art.

My Little Pony Fan Art
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