Judai Winchester (Fan Art Portfolio) My Little Unicorn

My Little Unicorn
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Materials: iPad drawing app + Photoshop to fix and enhance colors

Time: About 2+ hours


Let me be perfectly honest and say, yes. I have recently gotten into My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. I've been watching it like Kawaii desu ponycrack. Seriously it is just so damn adorable and I love all those ponies. They are just so cute. Now I know what it is about My Little Pony: FIM that older fans like. It's the individual ponies and it makes you want to be apart of that colorful world of Equestria.

So I did it...I made myself into a pony. This took me quite awhile to get the structure of the Pony body right. But overall I like how it turned out. I think if I was in the world of Equestria I would be a unicorn pony with a talent of drawing and a huge affinity for music and reading. My magical abilities would probably revolve around that. So no, I probably wouldn't be a powerful Alicorn like Twilight but that is ok. I'd be ok being a semi-magical blue unicorn with brown and white mane and tail.

Tbh I didn't want the mane and tail to be plain so I added some white in there which gives my ponyself kind of that signiture pony look. I chose light blue as my body color and a skyish blue for my outline. I did my best to draw/color this similar to the MLP style. Please give me some room for errors as I have really only drawn a pony once. That was in this drawing where I drew Pinkie Pie and that was an experience. Anyway they are more challenging to draw than they appear. Hopefully with more practice I can draw more ponies. I do like drawing them. They're all so cute. Eventually I'd like to draw and color Rarity. She's kind of my current favorite pony at the moment.

Anyway hope everybody enjoys the drawing. Thanks for viewing and all your support. I have two more pony related drawings to upload after this one.

My Little Pony Fan Art
animeself, cutie mark, friendship is magic, music note, my little pony, my little pony:friendship is magic, paint brush, pony, ponyself, unicorn
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