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I took a break on my other projects and I noticed that everyone here draws something they portray as "sexy". Well I wanted to do one to take a break. Besides, I haven't been putting out clean work lately so yeah. I wanted to draw something sexy...but not slutty.

Um, when I first started, there wasn't intention of drawing Haruna since I drew her before. But she kinda looks like an older version of her so I added the hair clips but omitted the head piece because I just didn't want it.

Also INB4 anyone make a comment about the hair, I left it this way because I liked the effect.

Everything you see is made from scratch including the background beach.

As always:
Questions, Comments, Rants, Critiques, criticisms, Complaints, Nitpicks, Tips, Feedback, Votes are Welcome. So say what you really want to say, Even if it's negative. One thing I ask, if it was negative feedback, tell me why you didn't like it. Thank You.

Kantai Collection Fan Art
Battleship, Beach, Booty, Bottle, Camoflauge, Collection, Dazzle, Flare, Grundge, Haruna, Kantai, Sexy, Shorts, Stripes, Water
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