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Bracelet Princesses
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Materials: 8 1/2 x 11 paper, pencil, thin black marker (for lines), Crayola colored pencils, Ipad for photo capture of art, Adobe Photoshop for further enhancements

Time taken: About two days off and on, about three hours all together for colooring


Reference for Disney Princess colors


Cast List

Yuzu Hiragi ~ Mulan (bottom left)

Serena ~ Merida (bottom right)

Rin ~ Cinderella (top left)

Ruri Kurosaki ~ Belle (top right)

Where do I begin to explain this art. Well I suppose I will start with the process then I will explain why I dressed each Bracelet Girl as their respective Disney Princess.

Well I finally got around to drawing this drawing. At first I wasn't sure how I was going to draw it to be honest. But I just sat down and just started thinking which Bracelet girl best fits which princess and then that was that.

Drew this in pencil as usual so I could erase mistakes (and lord there were many as usual), then I inked in the lines with a thin black marker (actually works better than a pen but will use a pen if nothing else is available), then spent the past 3 hours or so coloring this drawing in. I made sure to shade to give the girls dimension and try not to make it look so flat. It was a long and tedious process.

It really wasn't hard to color. Except maybe for Rin's hair and her dress. I wanted to try to get it that silvery blue but it didn't quite work out. And Rin's hair is a mint green. Well I got it as close as I could. The other girls were pretty easy to color in comparison. Favorite girls to color were Ruri, Serena, and Yuzu.


: The reason I chose to dress her up as Mulan is because like Mulan she actually disguises herself as Serena. Well her and Serena switch clothes to go looking for Shun. Anyway personality wise Yuzu is kind, stubborn, fight for what she believes in and I felt Mulan best represented her personality.

Serena: Merida was a perfect choice for Serena I thought. Reason being is like Merida, Serena is Extremely stubborn and hot headed. She challenges everybody that comes in her path. Merida does the same but more over she is stubborn with her mother. But like Merida, Serena mellows out but still has a stubborn streak about her. So Serena in my mind makes a good Merida.

Rin: Well the reason I chose her to be Cinderella was because she with Yugo lived in the "Commons" part of the Synchro City. It was kind of the slums of the town. And like Cinderella Rin and Yugo had a dream to participate in the Friendship Cup to challenge Jack Atlas. Essentially she wanted to change her position and maybe get out of poverty. Well from what I understand about her character anyway. Again still don't really know Rin that well despite her appearing in several episodes since about 116 or so.

: For me this one was obvious. Favorite bracelet girl plus favorite Disney Princess = EPIC WIN for me. But honestly she is probably the most kind and polite of the Bracelet girls. And she seems to have a calm demeanor. Belle shares many of these traits with Ruri. So for that reason Ruri is Belle.


This marks my 80th artwork here on theO. So this drawing was pretty much perfect to represent that milestone for me.

Yes edited the background. Wasn't happy with the plain white paper background. But anyway. Hope everybody enjoys my 80th drawing here on theO.

As always views, hugs, favorites, and/or feedback is always appreciated. I always appreciate you guys supporting my work which encourages me to create more stuff. So thanks for that. Here's to hopefully 80 more artworks on theO.

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