Judai Winchester (Fan Art Portfolio) Tale as Old as Time

Tale as Old as Time
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Used this Screenshot as a reference

Time taken: 2 Days + 6 hours all together on and off

Materials: 8 1/2 paper, #2 pencil, sharpie thin pen, Crayola Colored pencils, Adobe Photoshop (for color enhancements)


Well I finally got around to drawing it. Thank you guys who helped me to vote and to simplify the choice for my scene to recreate as it were.

Yes an explanation for this drawing is in order. And I shall provide it as best as I am able. To put it simply it is a recreatation of the classic ballroom scene from Disney's Beauty and the Beast featuring my animeself and Ruri from ARC-V dressed as Belle. It is sort of a continuation of this drawing. I did it in traditional style since my last drawings were done digitally on my iPad in a drawing app. Thought it was time to break out the colored pencils again. It had been awhile.

I learned a lot of things while drawing this. For one, it is very hard to draw dancing embracing couples. I did my best, had trouble finding an accurate human representation of this scene but I did my best based on the resources I could find. The holding hands gave me quite a bit of trouble. I did my best. This scene might not be an exact recreation, can't help that, I'm not the animators at Walt Disney, I'm just my nerdy Anime girl self who wanted to recreate one of my favorite classic Disney scenes with a new fresh twist.

Why not two girls dancing together? Why the hell not? I can't believe I was actually afraid of drawing this because I was afraid of what people might think, but you know what? I'm proud of myself for drawing this.

I think my favorite part was drawing/coloring Ruri's hair. Colors in this drawing may not be exact but I did my best to represent the colors to the best of my abilities. Ruri is probably my favorite female character from the whole of Yu-Gi-Oh because she is just so beautiful and I really like drawing her. So next I will try to draw bracelet girls as Disney Princesses. What do you guys think?

Thank you for viewing this drawing and as always I appreciate your feedback, faves, and just simply viewing/voting. All your support means a lot to me.

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