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Assassination Time
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I'm so late for this one! I'm terrible with challenges lately ._.

I decided to make some fanart fro Assassination classroom again, because this was surely a pleasant surprise!

the first time I knew about Assassination Classroom was from seeing a poster in the manga/comic store where I live. The first impression was BAD! the poster featured Korosensei surrounded by the other principal characters who were trying to shoot him/ stab with their weapons, with a big smile upon their faces, and I remember that pissed me off a lot! I thought: "look at that all those kids with weapon, all happy and stuff, what kind of message is this for young people? that weapons are cool? that killing is fun?" (i'm such an old lady sometimes XD)

then a classmate from the course I was attending in spring recommended it to me a lot, saying that it was really really good, and even expecting anything from it I decided to read the manga in the end. well, as you can guess I loved it! not only is fun, too much fun, but it contains some important life lessons especially for young people that are growing up and start to build their own life and themselves as person. I grew up with class E a little myself and when Korosensei died in the end I shred a little tear too.

so yeah. Is good. if you're searching for something both funny and emotional, this is for you.

about the draw.. it was really rushed!
if I had some more time I could have done better I guess. I had so many things to think about it lately (some good but some bad :(( ) but I wanted to join the challenge!
anyway Nagisa pose reference is here

Stay Groovy ;-)

Assassination Classroom Fan Art
assassination classroom, Groovy Boar, Korosensei, Nagisa
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A pleasant surprise!
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