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Bloody unison
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Dear misachan!
Thank you very much for inviting me to such a fun challenge! I´m loving it that´s why I could not not enter~
The blue-haired one is Ramon, a full-fledged pureblood vampire. For a vampire he´s considerably young being only 639 years old but ever since he´s been one of the strongest vampires known in history and alive even compared with the rare "thousands" (vampires that lived for one or two centuries already). If he has to fight he prefers using either a sword or a lance without using his powers because he finds it more beautiful. He can control water and his own blood and turn it into a weapon but he would only occasionally play with it to please his youngest brother Kouhei. Or later, after having met Minaho, to please him. Surprisingly, Ramon and his brothers become bodyguards for Minaho despite his family being vampire hunters. To hide his self, Ramon alters his appearance to match it to Minahos until Minaho finds out the truth (though he knew earlier than most think). I´m loving Ramon because of his cool and mostly beautiful demeanor, his strong personality and the fact that he fell deeply in love with Minaho. He still stays with him after finding out that Minaho is the "Chu-Baq" (which roughly translates into reigning ruler/king) who is feared as the one who will eliminate all vampires. Ramon becomes Minaho´s Sa-Baq (rulers son, roughly) through mutual exchange of blood and fights alongside him. Minaho himself differs between good and bad vampires, contrary to his only ancestor.
I hope you can enjoy this one and I wish many others join your challenge, too. If I have the time and inspiration I´ll enter a second time~

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anbu, bl, blood, cb, chu-baq, endou ramon, human, kujirao minaho, male, oc, sa-baq, supernatural, traditional clothes, vampire, yukata
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