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It's been ages since I last posted something ,I decided to try and get my noggin to churn out something and this was the end result :).

It's a demonic monster that's much stronger than humans,despite his appearance,he is actually strong enough to deal serious damage to a castle gate for instance.

He uses the eye in his mouth to feed and see,he sucks life force directly from weak creatures,usually he can't feed on humans unless they are weak or dying because their life force is much greater than that of animals.

in the drawing he is currently charging dark magic to fire a purple dark beam through his eye that's strong enough to decimate an entire division of castle guards.

he's 3 times the size of a normal human.

I wanted him to be part of an old RP I've been doing,though right now it's not clear if he'll ever get the chance to fulfill that task.

Dedicated to clueless101.

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beam, charging, charging up, cyclops, dark, fantasy, magic, monster
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