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After about two weeks of somewhat working on this. I finally finished yesterday.

Perspective is all messed up because I was winging it and didn't use any reference like the bad artist I am. Oh well, I'm mostly doing this for fun anyways. I will try to start taking it a bit more seriously and try to improve on technique and the much dreaded backgrounds. Considering this was done on a very large canvas at 300 dpi, I think I did alright with only simple tools (ink pen, brush, eraser) though I used a few fancy patterned brushes at the end for a few things. I didn't want to go through the horror of drawing every single blade of grass again. I was a fool for doing so the first time (with a mouse).

About the content, these characters are my main team in Touken Ranbu in their interier affairs outfits because screw armor and they're much more simple. Mitsutada is cut off at the top because drawing his hair is the most frustrating thing ever. Mitsutada is walking out of the room to get more treats. Namazuo is just lazing about on the floor while Hotarumaru is asking him questions about why he's doing that and whatnot. Ichigo finished reading and Mikazuki is refilling his cup. Taroutachi was playing cards until he ended up dozing off in a sitting position.

I have a few more Touken Ranbu art coming evitably but I'm going to try to stray from this fandom so that I can work on my original art as well as other fan art like DGM since it's coming back and Bungrou Stray Dogs as it is airing (though I like the manga much more).

characters (c) Touken Ranbu, DMM, Nitro+
art (c) me

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