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Electric Fist Bump
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First off, I'd like to apologize for how low-quality this is...I just really suck at drawing multiple people on one space, and I am even worse at drawing faces!

Even so, I had this idea a while ago but only decided to draw it yesterday and finished it today.

This is sort of a farewell artpiece for PGR, considering that its dead but that doesn't mean that our PGR OCs have to die, right? Good example of this is Toyotami kun's artwork, she does a whole lot of drawings of Rai and they're awesome.

But yeah, Hideki is definitely going to miss everyone, and what better way to say goodbye than with an electric fist bump?

I didn't necessarily have permission to use Rai's likeness, but I wrote it in the artwork.

Love y'all

Pokemon Fan Art
Gijinka, Hideki, OC, PGR, Pokemon, Rai, Raimundo
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