SmallxLady (Fan Art Portfolio) Vulpes Prince "Roh" of the red Vulpes tribe

Vulpes Prince "Roh" of the red Vulpes tribe
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After finishing 1/2 Prince and starting the novels, this guy started creeping around my creative side of my brain. Honestly he fits everything about my play style in mmos that Sylvie doesn't. Consider him an optional NPC boss if you will. This is built off the idea that TheO is an mmo idea I had a while back.

His full name is Vulpes Prince Rohdanthe. He is a druid Vulpes meaning he has offensive ans supportive magic as well as transformation magic. This means he can heal his troops and deal damage to you if you fight him. Defeat him and do his quests correctly, and he will give you a rare one of a kind item that differs on who landed the final blow. Catch is, you can only fight him once if you fail in the quests he gives. Or if you make an alliance with one of the rivaling tribes.

I'm going to give him a bio later but as far as generating ideas goes, this one's ok right?


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