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I just had this idea the other day, and then I had some spare time across two days and did this one.

I want to make a challenge out of this later (if I can) but I shared the concept with a friend:
Make a Fan-Art where you/a friend/an OC/etc. is dressed as your favorite member of the Akatsuki from Naruto.

Pretty simple.
So I am practicing drawing 2 people in one drawing (which I am bad at) and at he same time expressing my rather "blech" artwork because I've posted some lucky pics but this one shows how grotesque my drawings can be when they come straight off of my head.

I'm on the left, with my full beard and everything, and my favorite member of the Akatsuki is actually Deidara (who would've known) and one of my friends on the right is Tobi.
I'd say that Deidara to Tobi is a very good description of our friendship in some ways.

So here you have it,
Love y'all

The text box on the left reads;
"Your pollyanna is annoying, you dork..." which is me saying that about my ditzy friend Tey.
The text box on the right reads;
"OMG a puppy!" which is something she would definitely say.

Since I have a habit of having to explain everything in my artwork, that's just what I'll do when I do them.

Naruto Fan Art
Akatsuki, Deidara, Fan Art, Friends, Naruto, Tobi
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