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Masks & Phantasma
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I've actually had this drawing prompt for a while and I'm glad that this challenge allowed me to do this long-anticipated drawing.

So this one is called "Masks & Phantasma" but it was initially supposed to be titled "Masks & Phantoms."

This serves as a sort of cover picture for one of my original stories, the very first story involving my OC, Kile.

If you want to know what this actually is, its a picture of my OC *Cough Cough* Me, how original *Cough Cough* when he first gets his mask.
Although this is an older form of him that doesn't appear in the "Masks & Phantoms" storyline, this is meant to represent a younger mindset.

That little quote beside him reads
I dawn the Mask because I simply don't know who I am. That is why we fight!
I wouldn't be surprised if you could read it because the glare really got down on it, plus that is my actual handwriting--I've written in cursive since 2nd grade and I hate writing in print.

But in essence the story is about a conflict that the main character has between himself and a friend, and that conflict makes him struggle with his ambitions of power and meaning in the world. The red fire around him is a representation of his inner explosive power called a Red Spirit and the golden lines that run across his body and into his chest is a more passive and arcane power called the Golden Vein, and this makes him a target for power-hungry foes. That's what that yellow and black cavern around his chest is, its the Golden Vein.

In the end of that part, he has a falling out with a close friend of his and they get into an explosive battle; the main character wins the battle, but then wears the mask to hide his shame at what he's become.

And if the drawing looks a little feminine, its because I was going for a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure type of art style, which is why I chose to make the background that dark purple and magenta color.
Plus it helps indicate that the other main character of the story is a female.

I have another version of this drawing that I'm adding to this challenge, so stay tuned.

Love y'all

I dedicate this to WyvernWings b/c we have talked about our OCs in the past, and I still need to reply to your comment. I'll do it before I go to sleep (it's like 10:30 right now, and even though I'm technically out of school, I'm still turning in early)

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