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Rynjus Glodersson
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Because people kept asking for art of Rynjus, here you go.

Rynjus Glødersson

Rae’s Brother

Age: 32

Height: 7′2

Weight: Thor knows…

Build: Heavily muscular

Occupation: Apprentice Blacksmith

Eye Colour: Sage green

Skin Tone: White-slight tan

Hair Colour: Dark brown (Braided), beard (No moustache)

Scars: Vertical over his right eye, a big burn up his left arm, broken nose

Tattoos: None, but wears the traditional tribal facepaint over his left eye

Attire: Roughspun tunic (Brown but changed to beige), heavy leather belt with Bearclaw sigil, basic hard leather skirt armour (Brown), Fur trimmed leather boots.

Personality: Quiet, reserved, acknowledges in grunts making people think he’s not very bright, but he only speaks when he feels it’s needed. He’s actually very intelligent and has a flair for tactics. Relishes battle. Is super serious when it comes to traditions and will hold people to them fiercely. Loves a drink and can hold it well. Often gets into drinking contests.

Rynjus and art © Me
HTTYD © Cressida and Dreamworks

How to Train Your Dragon Fan Art
Brother, Dragon, Family, How, HTTYD, OC, Rae, Rynjus, To, Train, Your
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