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There She Is
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Hello my friends and happy 2016 to you all~
So my first OC to ever be shown online was this really dumb Naruto/Kingdom Hearts OC made way back when I was in middleschool. At some point I started doing other things and forgot about her, and it would be a few years before I really started paying attention to her again with my love for KH re-kindled, making her a KH-only OC.
I really wanted to revamp her, but I didn't have many ideas for her, and so I just kinda ignored her for a bit. Still, I never totally forgot about her and wanted to make her into something better;I really started to think of ideas for her around late 2013-14, and now I've gotten pretty close to a more "proper" re-design for Ariane.
This may not totally be her final re-design, but it's as close to a solid new design for her as I got right now, and I'm still very proud of it regardless ;w;

She's still a KH OC of course, but she doesn't have a particularly huge story or anything like that. The general idea I have for Ariane's story is basically something like this: Ariane used to live in her own world as a relatively well-known dancer and overall entertainer, but then it got destroyed by the darkness and she's had to take refuge somewhere else. Ariane's tried to do what she's always done as a dancer, but she finds it difficult to make some munny and make a living, so she starts resorting to becoming a thief and stealing stuff, something along those lines.
I didn't have anything particularly grand in mind with Ariane's story, so I thought I could make her into a more simple, kinda "minor" character. Also, I haven't thought up too much of her world just yet, just that it's sort of akin to Destiny Islands, Traverse Town or Twilight Town in that it's just an "original" world with original characters and some FF characters(most of whom I'd like to imagine are pre-FF7 characters, since most of the FF characters that are actually in KH are characters Nomura is more familiar with-mostly FF7,8&10 characters iirc).
Ariane's personality is pretty much the same outgoing, hot-blooded and short-tempered attitude, though I would say she's got a more devious side to her with her becoming a thief.

That's pretty much all I have on her right now, and I'm planning to do a little extra something with her later~

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
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