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Matvey Pozharsky (OC Profile)

So, I got bored, figured I might as well put some of my OCs onto paper.

Matvey Pozharsky

Age: 17
Nickname: Vee (People [i.e. his Papa, and best friend Maxwell] seem to insist on using it, so Vee just kinda rolls with it)
*Doesn't like socializing. At all. He basically just chills in his room reading comics, watching anime, and playing games, or helps out in Papa's cafe, Coffee & Cream.
*Cynical, snarky, and sarcastic. Like, to the point it turns people off from talking to him. Except Maxwell. (He's either too nice to care, secretly the same as Vee, or, as Vee assumes, 'too rich to care'. Tends not to speak in public, and rather anxious around people who are older than him.
*Lives with his father, Papa, above the cafe. Was adopted in America as a baby by his dad, moved back to Russia for first three years of his life, then moved back to small town Michigan where Papa opened the cafe.
*Has two cats named Sherry and Champagne.
*Pansexual, but frankly, he's more likely to win the lottery than get into a relationship, considering his personality. His only actual friend is Maxwell, a rich student attending the same high school as Vee who has the same interests (comics, anime, and games), and they just chill out in Vee's room most of the time.

Feel free to use him! Just ask first, please.

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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