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Little Mac Color Practice
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Yo... do you remember when the smash bros category was hoppin'... mainly because of me and icefoxchan, but YOU KNOW.
I'm only saying this because I wanted to check if there was any Little Mac fan art on theO, but it turns out there's only one other pic with him in it. :U And then I was just browsing through the SSB fan art category, and saw a ton of my old pics. Sometimes I forget just how small this site is, haha.

ANYWHOOOOOO, here's a drawing. This was actually supposed to be a doodle or a warm up or something, but it ended up turning out pretty decent. :^D I like working with limited pallets, but I still haven't really gotten the hang of reusing colors for shadows and highlights. :M;; Mixing colors isn't too hard digitally, but it's still cool to see how stuff turns out.

Also, I just found out that the legacy pen/pixel-y pen on SAI has a pressure sensitivity option! Which is actually kinda nice. I like the regular SAI pen a lot, but the lines usually comes out kinda stiff when I use it... I've kinda felt that the legacy pen follows my hand movements a little better, but I didn't know how to get it to work with pressure sensitivity. BUT HEY! HERE WE ARE NOW.

I really hate drawing heads at this angle, but I WANTED TO TRY. orz I need to get a mini stand-up mirror like I had in my high school art class, so I can look at my own head while I draw. ;0;/

But yep. Idk how soon I'll do an actual finished drawing, but I'm gonna try to get one more watercolor pic in before the convention in January. -u-/ And of course, I'll do something for the fan art SS event, too. :^D Yep yepppp.
That's all.

Thanks for the viewage, bro! *U*/

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