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Ore-sama Teacher
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I have recently read Oresama Teacher and I LOVE IT. I love this mangaka sooooo so much~ She did Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun too and guhh...I LOVE HER! <333 Although she also did The Magic Touch or Oyayubi Kara Romance which was pretty awful, but I think she knows that! ;D

I think that Oresama Teacher is the new Ouran High School Host Club so if you haven't read it you should definitely 100% check it out.

The great thing about this mangaka is that she combines great comedy you would normally find in a gag comedy with action and a bit of romance. The romance scenes are adorable and the comedy is consistently hilarious. The action is also super good for a shoujo manga. Blending them genres. I love it.

Thus I couldn't help but draw the characters~ :3

These are all the characters that like Mafuyu in some way. Ohh, the romance in this is just so cute~ :3 Speaking of Ouran the guy in the front, Hayasaka, reminds me of Tamaki. He's a rich boy who is super confused and stupid. He's also blonde~ Yeahh, those are the only similarities...but the mangaka is an Ouran fan, you can just tell (also in Oyayubi Kara Romance she mentioned that she originally wanted the main character to look like Tamaki...so yeah)

Oresama Teacher is probably the only shoujo manga that I think the main character should end up with the teacher. 'cause he is so un-teacher-like and they seem more like good friends than teacher-student. I feel shoujo manga that usually makes this sort of pairing do so in a creepy way. I'm not sure what it is, though.

Also the manga pretty much makes fun of other shoujo manga which is GREAT. I love me shoujo mango parodying~ :3

I think the only problem with it is that it's difficult to tell the characters apart. Also for some reason Hayasaka's hair is blonde, the lightest hair color of all the characters, but in the manga his hair is toned. While the main character has a ash-brown sort of hair color and her hair isn't shaded at all. There is also another character with brown hair who's hair isn't shaded, but Hayasaka's is?! MANGAKA YOU MAKE NO SENSE. I can't see Hayasaka as having blonde hair as I read it...it just it's a decision that makes no sense.

In conclusion, go read Oresama Teacher~

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