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Nagako Hakamura; The Punk Marty-Stu~~
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Name: Nagako Hakamura
Alias(es): Satoshi Nagako, "The Scorpion", Hitoshi Hakamura, Katoshi Nagato
Gender: Male
Race: 100% Ghoul
Age: 26
Height: 6'2
Weight: 200 lbs
Apperance: Short hair, beady eyes, has a tattoo on his shoulder of the word "Scorpion" that runs down the length of his hand and a tattoo of his family crest with the word "Champion" captioned under it
Outfit: Magenta school jacket over a shirt and pants or a suit as an alternative
Nagako is the son of 2 wealthy ghouls who lived in Japan. His parents were important political figures who did everything they could to conceal their identities as Ghouls, but when heavy social turbulence came about, they made a massive push for a separation between Ghouls and humans in an attempt to make peace before humans and the CCG decided to start cracking heads.
All the while, they used their clout to ensure that their son was given the highest level of education and protection from other ghouls and humans.

Nagako had been so well maintained that he could exist alongside humans and even if he was starving, he could fight well with his kagune, "Scorpion Fissure Tail." Suddenly, Nagako's life made a drastic turn when at age 17 an assassination attempt was made on him at his high school graduation; Nagako fought off the attackers but had to reveal that he was a Ghoul; he killed everyone in his class and fed off of them without remorse.
Even though his family managed to cover up the incident, they had to send Nagako abroad to study and avoid any other harm. He attended college night classes to conceal his identity as a ghoul, and managed to survive without much trouble.

After Nagako graduated college, he returned to Japan to start a new business and create what he called "HAGS", (Hakamura-All-Ghoul-Society) and the Thousand Towers; a society where Ghouls can live isolated from humans without need to disturb their peace.
In exchange for bringing in money, Nagako was allowed to seek out criminals as food for himself and for other Ghouls under his care.

-Has a favor for eyeballs when he feeds
-Became a boxing champion in his college and owns a degree in Political Science
-At one time he almost had to murder his high school crush when she was attacked by Ghouls, for she would reveal his identity. Instead, he chose to save her at the cost of her becoming a Ghoul as well

Tokyo Ghoul Fan Art
Hakamura, Marty-Stu, Mary-Sue, Nagako, OC, Tokyo Ghoul
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