moonlit dream (Fan Art Portfolio) 2nd Place: Afterglow

2nd Place: Afterglow
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Here's the 2nd place prize for my challenge! Which ended.... several months ago................
Anyway, this is for Afterglow who, coincidentally, is also my sister. She asked me to draw her Haru and Elie from Rave Master.

RAVE MASTER IS SO GOOD, GUYS........ it was the first manga I ever got into, so it's always had a SPECIAL PLACE in my HEART. ;0;/ The first ten volumes are GREAT. *u*b The next 7 or so volumes are ALSO GREAT. *u*b And then the rest is just kind of eh. I think around book 21 is when things really started to get more convoluted, and the characters didn't feel the same as they used to... Idk what happened to it, ahaaa;;; BUT! IT'S STILL QUITE GOOD, I RECOMMEND IT MY BROS. (?) It's also by the guy who does Fairy Tail, so there.
Idk where you can read it since it's out of print, according to the internet... I think it's probably on mangahere. :^V

But uh. Anyway. LINE ART! The 2nd place prize was a line art. Luckily, this didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. :,D Doesn't change the fact that doing line art is extremely boring, though;;; The worst part is probably doing the hair, 'cause of how pointy (?) it is. BUT! It's done. 8D

I think that's all I have to say about this, haha. Dedicated to Afterglow for winning 2nd place! :U

Rave Master Fan Art
couple, cute, elie, haru, haru glory, line art, paint tool sai, rave master
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