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The song i'm using is Hope by Yiruma

I colored this with colored pencil and then tweaked it in picmonkey to give it an older worn out look. ^^ It's the brothers laying in the grass watching the stars before they developed the hate that would eventually lead to their deaths


As I lay there with my body quivering, the inevitable grip of death slowly tugging tighter at my heart, a wave of memories rush through my darkening mind. I could hear Sebastian panting heavily beside me as he struggled to prolong the last seconds of life he had remaining. Tears beaded as I recalled the forgotten past I kept locked away tightly. Nearing death I was unable to hide those precious memories any more. Sebastian choked suddenly as they began bombarding his mind as well. I felt a hard thump on my arm as my twin tried hard to pull himself closer.
"These... these are f-fake." He coughed harshly from the exertion of speaking.
I didn't know if they were real myself, between both of our memory manipulation it was hard to determine what was true and what was a lie. I turned my head barely able to form a sentence. "If we were not Romain... do you think it would be different now?" My voice faded gently in the stirring wind. There was no response and I could only assume my younger brother had passed. I closed my eyes and let death's cold grip take over... even in this darkest hour I had this memory... and the hope that we what we had when we were younger was real...

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