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Eko and Frus
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Eko Clana is a character I designed that lives in a world called Yilura. For those familiar with my characters, my oc Lunaci is also from this world.

Eko was designed with video game aspects in mind, as Yilura would be an ideal setting for an rpg.

Anyway, Eko would have been the magic user in the party. She is a dragon mage - a warrior who was trained as a child in the art of taming and training dragons of their corresponding element. Eko is a fire mage, and had ventured to the volcanoes of Yilura to locate and bond with her own monstrosity of a monster to train and augment her magical powers, as is standard procedure for all dragon acolytes wanting to become full fledged dragon mages. The dragon she found and ended up bonding to was Frus, the very lost, very little, water dragon.

Being opposing elements, the two struggle initially with their teamwork, but eventually they become quite the dangerous duo.

Eko specializes in fire and lightning magic, while Frus specializes in water and ice magic. I even designed multiple staffs for Eko and armor for Frus in the event that the player changed their equipment.

Too bad I can't make video games. bummer.

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dragon, Eko Clana, Frus, Yilura
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