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Sunday Inspiration
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Wow, feels like I haven't done a drawing in a long time at least not a complete one anyways.

I super wish I could dedicate this to multiple people because so many of you have inspired me deeply these past few weeks.

I'll start off with why I dedicate it to Anna though. When I saw her latest art at the time were two e-cards and an iWall. I just really got inspired to make an e-card. And I planned on making it dedicating it to her. Since I know she love coffee and tea it was related to someone holding a mug or something. Then a vision came into my head and I was going to use multiple scan to create this e-card and possibly turn it to a wallpaper if the vision turned out to be too big...buuuuuuuut I couldn't find all the scans needed or rather no images were clicking so...

Something just hit me morning that I can just draw it out. So I started working on it this morning. I just got done with it. :) I was working on it off and on all day. It's been a pleasant Sunday especially this morning.

Then what also motivated me to continue going with this drawing is remembering all the artwork I have seen these past weeks. I'm very thankful for the comment challenge. I usually don't comment everyday. Sometimes I just end up disappearing and such, but doing this challenge definitely help with different things.

To everyone else, pretty much if I've been commenting you and such you have inspired me. :) It's just been pretty amazing to me the amount of art I've been seeing. It might not be like back then, but I'm sure if we all move forward instead of holding on to the past that the community can flourish. *nods* But I guess that is another post for another time.

As for the drawing itself, the fairies aren't really there. What's there is the young lady drinking her morning boost (let it be coffee, tea...personally I was drinking green tea when I was working on this). The fairies and the clouds and the sun...is just there to show how much in bliss she is or is rather happy and enjoying the morning. :3 The BG is nothing too detailed, but I just wanted to keep it simple, but not have blank space either.

I don't mind critiques if you have any. I definitely want to improve.

Thanks for viewing, hope you all have lovely days and mornings too. :)

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clouds, coffee, fairy, female, green tea, inspiration, mug, sun, Sunday, tea
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