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Kain Sketch
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yes, another profile sketch...they are good for when i want to doodle and have little time...yeah T 3T

this is my OC Kain, from my story idea Reign; i have drawn him a few times before and they are on this account and my dA one, but they're a bit old; the oldest one i have on here has some info about him, but i will put a little here cause why not, i am in the mood *shrug*

  • Kain has ruby red eyes and long coal black hair with fire orange tips that is most always kept in a messy braid down his back, with a few random braids as you can see. He has a scar on his right eye --which i realize i put on the wrong side, just pretend it's not--, he is a little over 6" tall, with a build between lean and muscular, and that smirk is a very common expression for him. Kain is quite arrogant, selfish, and prideful, though to his credit he IS a great warrior, strong, experienced, agile, and keen; he is also quite sarcastic, generally happy-go-lucky on the surface, and inclined to hit on anyone of any species or gender he thinks is attractive--he really gets around.

  • Kain is an immortal and has control over fire, his sword can channel this power. He is the rightful heir and king of his realm, but has been in hiding for several centuries, disguised amongst the people and wandering around. His younger sister and twin brother (those two are lovers, yes incest) seized control not long after their father's death and his sister murdering their mother; Kain left after a fight with her regarding said matricide to avoid her insanity and figure out what to do--though he does spend a lot of time messing around instead. His sister is the one who gave him that scar, only an immortal could wound another immortal so greatly as to scar them, plus her iron capped claws were laced with poison/venom.

Kain belongs to ME, a.k.a, itsumademo on theOtaku/itsufer on deviantART


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