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New cat in Town~
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~Meet the newest cat in town.~

Introducing my newest gijinka, Romeo the Shiny Liepard. X3

Romeo: It's nice to meet you, do you like my whiskers? Please, look into my blue eyes. *Wink* Aren't they piercing? XD

I chose the shiny liepard because i really like the color more. I had his design in mind but really started to form him after being inspired by these images----> One, two.

About Romeo: Romeo is sharp and observant. He likes to come out at night and sneak around stealing small valuable items and food. He is also charming, slick and calm. He likes music and likes to dance swing. His favorite music is Jazz. He plays the piano and saxophone. :D He has well developed muscles, especially his upper body. He also has good reflexes. And lastly but not least he has a latin accent, lives in an alley and can pick things up with his tail. XD

And woo first male posted here! I really like his design, especially that hair. I will be posting more of him soon!! :D I'm actually planning a short comic of him.

Hope you O people enjoy! Please comment if you do, tell me what ya like! *w*

Art is mine.
Cell shading done in Photoshop, lineart is pen.
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.

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