The Mask (Fan Art Portfolio) King of Manga Pro-Wrestling: Toshiya Sato

King of Manga Pro-Wrestling: Toshiya Sato

「キングオブマンガプロレス」: 佐藤 寿也

This is Toshiya Sato. He is a supporting character in the manga series "MAJOR". He is dressed as professional wrestler Kenta Kobashi.

I hope you will like it. I would appreciate your feedback for this drawing.


Extra Notes:

In honor of the upcoming sequel of the manga series "MAJOR" this March, I've decided to come up with a King of Manga Pro-Wrestling tribute to the long-running baseball comic series.

This time, I decided to draw Toshiya Sato as Kenta Kobashi. I originally wanted Toshiya to be dressed as Toshiaki Kawada, since Kawada's childhood friendship and eventual rivalry with Mitsuharu Misawa parallels quite well with Sato's friendship and rivalry with Goro Shigeno. However, I decided to use Kobashi instead.

Just like the Ken Mayumura/Jun Akiyama crossover, I picked Kenta Kobashi for this instance since he was one of the top guys in Mitsuharu Misawa's promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH. It can even be said that he was THE top guy of NOAH at the height of its popularity.

In comparison, Toshiya is the more decorated player among the "three kings" of MAJOR (Shigeno, Sato, Mayumura). Among the three, he's the one who became a Koshien champion, a Japanese major league MVP, AND a World Series champion. Even if the series didn't really show it too much, I can bet that Toshiya would've gotten just as much fan support as Kobashi had in the real world.

Plus, both Kobashi and Sato appear to be good-natured guys when they're not out kicking ass in their respective arenas. Kobashi always comes across to me as a cheerful and youthful guy, and he has this charisma that really makes him very popular with many Japanese fans. In comparison, Sato is the more polite man among the "three kings", so it would make sense for many people to like him, especially the girls. Even though Shigeno is the hero of MAJOR, it's Sato who is likely to get more appreciation.

And then, there's this other comparison that I noticed, which may be a bit gloomy depending on how you see it. In the end, Kobashi is the one who had the most fulfilling pro-wrestling career since he was able to retire in his own terms, as opposed to Misawa who tragically died before he could retire. Sato hasn't retired yet in the series, but Shigeno was forced to retire from the Major League due to injury, so it's Sato who ended up having a more sustainable baseball career.

Personally, I really wanted to expand this further into a Pro Wrestling NOAH and MAJOR crossover. But since Kobashi is now a free agent with his own promotion Fortune Dream KK, it's kinda hard for me to press for that crossover. But let's see.

I hope you'll enjoy this piece.

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