The Mask (Fan Art Portfolio) King of Manga Pro-Wrestling: Ken Mayumura

King of Manga Pro-Wrestling: Ken Mayumura

「キングオブマンガプロレス」: 眉村 健

This is Ken Mayumura. He is a supporting character in the manga series "MAJOR". He is dressed as professional wrestler Jun Akiyama.

I hope you will like it. I would appreciate your feedback for this drawing.


Extra Notes:

In honor of the upcoming return of the manga series "MAJOR" this March, I've decided to come up with a King of Manga Pro-Wrestling tribute to the long-running baseball comic series.

I know it's odd that I'm doing a pro-wrestling fan art for a baseball series. But hey, Japan has a long-running pro-wrestling magazine called "Baseball Magazine". At least this crossover fan art isn't too far off. :D

To start things off, I decided to draw Ken Mayumura as Jun Akiyama. I decided to dress him as Akiyama mainly since the latter is known for his sternness. Hence, he became known as "Sternness". If you've seen Mayumura throughout the series, you would notice that he also has a stern face. Heck, his face looks so ruthless that it just says, "I mean business!" and "Prepare to get hurt!", just like Akiyama.

Of course, that doesn't that Mayumura has no soft side, as evidenced by the MAJOR World Series OVA. Akiyama has also showed a soft and funny side through the years as well, but don't think for a second that he still can't kick your butt.

There's also another reason why I chose a Mayumura-Akiyama crossover. You see, long before Akiyama became the current President of All Japan Pro-Wrestling (AJPW), he was one of the top guys in Mitsuharu Misawa's promotion Pro Wrestling NOAH, along with Kobashi and Misawa himself. Mayumura, for his part, can be considered as one of the top baseball player characters in MAJOR, along with Sato and Shigeno.

Personally, I really wanted to expand this further into a Pro Wrestling NOAH and MAJOR crossover. But since Akiyama is currently the president of AJPW, not to mention the supposed bad relationship that AJPW has with NOAH at the present, I think it would be best if the crossover isn't too prevalent here.

I hope you'll enjoy this piece.

Major Fan Art
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