MangaKid (Fan Art Portfolio) Sketch Requests 02/25/2015

Sketch Requests 02/25/2015
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I've popped back on here to show mah face >O<

Thank you to those who helped kick my inspiration into gear again, I really enjoyed doing these practice headshot sketches!!

Jason Grimm for Clueless101
Felicia for Judai Winchester
Naomi for Keba Si Rota
Ardrake for thelostsindar
Shuuichi for Kita Mikichi
Diego and Judah for neilly

Here is the shaded version: HERE

Just to touch on what I've been doing lately... WORK. WORK!!! My business is non-stop now but I am really trying to keep in touch with friends here. I have an inbox of comments and emails to clear out, art to catch up on for theO and DA, I'm writing a little tribute about my Otaku life (major nostalgia), and I would like to get back into drawing consistently so keep an eye out for more free sketches from me <3

Thank you to all my friends on here and to new people who have subbed to me!!
If anyone wants to stay in touch by text or email, PM me.

[email protected](c)
[email protected](c)
February 2015

Original Anime and Manga Fan Art
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