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Well, this took probably 8 hours all together? Probably more...I'm actually not too sure. I know the coloring took 6 hours at least.

It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, due to my lack of ability, but I tried really hard to push myself on this, and I think I did! I reached a point where I just had nothing else I could possibly do, even though I wanted to keep working on it. So I had to force myself to put my pen down, and decided to put this picture out as it is. There are just times where you have to just stop working on something so you can move onto something else, and that's how I feel right now. I want to keep working on this so bad, but I've reached my limit with what I can do here, and it's time to move on to a different project.

These two are actually my Zatch Bell fan characters that I created back when I was 12-14. So they're 10 years old for sure, and I've never really drawn them doing what they were created to do. The girl, Natasha, is from the US and Lee....well.....I'll leave the cliche's out of this for now. I'll just say that 12 year old me wasn't very creative. I've been changing it up, but I haven't finalized a story. But hey! I at least kept them out of Japan, so they aren't everyone's best friend! I applaud my younger self for that!

I really hope you like it! I'm proud of this, even though I wish I could do more. That just means I have to keep practicing and to get my coloring skills caught up to my drawing skills.


Zatch Bell Fan Art
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