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Anishaa Bhat
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This is Anishaa. She is my pokemon gijinkas who lives in the Poke Village...and whom I RP as in This RP.
Name: Anishaa Bhat
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Espeon
Ability: synchronize and magic bounce
Nature: Lonely
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight:125 lbs
Build: shoulders slimmer, but hips a littler wider. Think triangular. Not very toned, soft, but thin.
Birthday: 2/6
Appearance: medium walnut-medium beige skin, purple hair that sits at her hips with a black streak in her hair. (Normally hair up in a bun) She has a purple thin tail that is forked at the end that she sometimes hides under her sari. She has purple ears on her head that she covers with a head covering. Anishaa normally wears a dark purple sari and when she dresses up she wears a gold headdress on her sari and a gold chain that connects to her nose to her ear. When not dressing up she wears a simple stud in her nose piercing. She has blue eyes and some scars on her wrists from scratching herself due to nerves. (Picture coming soon. Working on it!)
Home town: Ecruteak City, Johto

Personality: mature, calm…Anishaa is normally found alone reading or meditating. She will often act as a mother to those younger than her and can be quite sassy.

History: Anishaa was raised in a Buddhist household with her younger brother and younger sister. Her parents when she was younger used to travel a lot, so she is used to caring for her younger siblings. She was always pressured to do great things and was forced to go into the medical career even though all she wanted was to be was a publisher. Anishaa just finished her undergraduate in medical school and is taking a small break to earn money before going into Med. school. Because of all the pressure her family puts on her she developed anxiety when she was still in High school. Her parents do not believe in mental disorders and believe that she is just making up excuses. This made her become withdrawn and prone to separate herself from others, which makes her nature very lonely…

Job: Nurse

Likes: books, violins, pulluvan pattu( Indian instrument, can play), tea, meditating, and Kuchipudi (classic Indian dance)
Dislikes: too much noise, pressure, people touching her hair.
Fun Facts: -Her favorite food is anything with curry or chocolate
-Her favorite book is “Howl’s Moving Castle”
-Her first boyfriend died when she turned 18.
-She always has a book on hand.
-She can predict the future at random intervals.
Moveset: helping hand, tail whip, confusion, psybeam, future sight

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Anishaa, espeon
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