Ellenor Mererid (Fan Art Portfolio) Illuminated meet up

Illuminated meet up
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Sorry for such a bad title XD

This is my entry to stockandresources group on dA - Illuminated World contest and I think I’ve made it just in time ^^;

These are my two oc’s Barin and Azlyn , and they are Iven’s parents when they were younger and before they were together and this is Barin’s attempt at flirting/trying to get the girl XD Poor thing XD They are both joint highest ranking members of their army tripe and joint second highest rank over all. This also how Iven’s homeland used to look like before it became a desert.

For this contest I took inspiration form the bio-luminescent plankton that glow when they’re moved or being agitated that they use to distract/startle fish that try and eat them, so that’s how the little pool and the waterfall is glowing. I also made some of the plants illuminated, some of the flowers and I made some blue ‘golden’ showers tree (I just thought they would look nice in blue and it’s ot entirely impossible to have blue ones, well if we can have them glow we can have them in different colours XD and I’ve drawn some gold ones before).

I quite like how this has turned out :) It’s not perfect and I will go back and work on it later on, but I’m still quite proud of it :)

Azlyn and Barin belong to me :)

Tips on improving are always welcomed :) I hope you all like it :)

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azlyn, barin, bioillumination, contest, cute, flowers, forest, glow, oc, waterfall
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