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Never ment to be
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Chroma Faith and Kivnna Onde were never supposed to be. For this challenge I created a two whole new races. Chroma is from the atrament tribe, his people are very kind and peaceful, it's their job to record everything that happens, and they themselves are a kind of paper. As they get older, they become thicker and wiser, as their own history is recorded on them. Then we have Kivnna, she is apart of the palenie tribe. Her people live in volcanos and under ground. They have a thick layer of skin and are often call bruts. Their centers have a burning fire inside of them and any opening such as eyes mouth and hair are all extremly hot as a result. They for the most part keep the cour of their planet hot enough for life to able to be possible. Now, the Atrament and the Palenie for obvious reasons are not allowed to mix. Chroma is the son of their tribes leader, and most days he spends by himself, he doesn't like the hustle and bustle of it all back at home. Kivnna is a runaway from her tribe. She was a thief and she was supposed to be executed, but now lives her days in excile. The two of them by chance fan into each other one day and what started off as enemies later became friends then again later became lovers. Everyday they would spend together and even now, Kivnna is still trying to talk Chroma into running away with her forever. They wouldn't have anything to worry about anymore, but Chroma will not leave with her, so she stays by the ocean everyday and waits for him to come get her at night.

There's. more to this story but that is for another day and another piece c: so I hope that you like you, and as always the best of wishes to you all!

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