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What Could Have Been
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For Ellenor Mererid's challenge of the same name.

The characters are Reka and his friend, Hisao (Eternal Rain).

When Reka was little, he made friends with Hisao, who was incredibly poor. Unfortunately, Hisao was killed not too long after they became friends. Reka's stupid father would abuse him when he would grieve over his "Peasant" friend, so he turned into a bit of a rebel as the years passed. (Over that time, he grew his hair out, started skipping school, and his temper got worse.) Because he couldn't protect Hisao, he also became recklessly protective and rejects the type of social prejudice that Hisao was a victim of.

This picture represents the idea of "What if Hisao and Reka were still friends?" Though he certainly still would have rejected the social system that looks down on the lower-class, I'm sure that Reka's rebellious streak would probably not have been as extreme, and he wouldn't have the anger issues he has now. So, here, Reka is ponytail-less *GASP* and in his school clothes. They're probably about 13 (Reka) and 14 (Hisao) here.

I know you were hoping for a pic of Nao here, I'm sorry! ^^; But these two are the ones that my brain came up with a concrete idea for! I hope you like it!

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What could have been
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