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Just A Master Kile Test

This is the symbol of Master Kile (yes it came out right)...One that I often draw in my personal life, one that I had created from scratch, and one of the symbols that appear on my OCs mask.

This wasn't a serious thing, I just wanted to test my Microsoft Paint skills because I haven't used that in a while.

So, how did it come out?

P.S: IF anyone asks "What does the symbol stand for/mean?" Um...For right now let's just convene and say that it represents the phrase, lifestyle, and mantra of these 3 words..."Soul of Steel."
Why, you may ask? Because I often characterize myself (if that makes any sense) to those 3 words...Meaning that I have a strong sense of things, especially things that regard me personally. After a lot of things that have occurred I try to harden myself and learn from the bad things that have happened (or in poetic/artistic terms according to this--"rusty dents").

-I dedicate this to Arrancar, for one, to thank her and shout out all of her excellent artwork
(my personal favorite is icons, I've asked her many-a-time for cool icons and she always makes spectacular ones)

And deux because from the...IDK how many months of knowing her, I know she's had a lot of things on her plate that nobody should have.
But the funny (but not really funny) thing is...She does not have as many breakdowns and rants and angst-laden posts as I do, and my life is just...Odd, but hers is legitimately stressful.

I do not say that to show any disrespect or to say that my life is better or worse than hers, but I say that to honor her SOS and to say "Keep up the clear head."

Thank you.

Kingdom Hearts Fan Art
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