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The Knight of Peace
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Because titles are overrated, amIright?

My little lancer <3
Her general design has been constant, such as her hair style, weapon, and basic info, but the final product has been changed so many times through several sketchbooks lolol. This may not even be her final design, but I'm pretty content as of right now C:
She, who has no name because I have like ten names that I would seriously love her to have, has been in my works for a while, but I'm donating her time to SteadfastBlade's Final Fantasy Group on deviantArt, Final Fantasy Deviants, because he's awesome and I promised him my little bundle of joy <333 I just had no time to actually sit down and create a solid picture of her...and this still isn't a good profile, reference, or LOOK of her pffffft dahahah. You see the basics, amIright? A dark-skinned redhead who wears a bit of guard and uses spears/lances, so is clearly some sort of Lancer or Dragoon/Dragon Knight C:

I am at a dilemma, and that's which kingdom I want my baby a part of. The Balfarc Empire seems like the obvious choice since Dragoons are typically stationed there (according to the description), but I also like the Country of Burwell because of it's peaceful countryside-like appearance and my girl likes preserving the peace of peaceful places. Lastly, the Regalio Dominion. I mean, it's not as obvious to my girl as the other two kingdoms, but nothing spells fun like getting into brawls every once in a while and watching mechanics and technology evolve. Yeah, no, I just like the RD P: So, really, it's between Balfarc and Burwell. Meh, I'll eventually choose and make a real application for FFD.

P.S. Screw hands and feet. Like. Seriously, man.

The stamps in the background were made by Steady C:

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