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For Ellenor Mererid's What Could Have Been challenge! I've been working on this during my free time since the weekend, and I think it started taking too long haha ^^" The end result isn't exactly what I wanted but I hope you all enjoy it anyway <3 I need to give Lucian another outfit soon lol.

This is what would have happened to my OC Lucian had he chosen to not go back to war. He's highly sought after by the government because of his ability to plan and attack (and survive lol) in the battle field. He would have bought a big house in the country for Gabriella his wife. He'd also have two children, Celeste and Arlo.
Just a little back story of what actually happened: Lucian was dismissed from service to recover from PTSD when he met Gabriella, ChiPolVee's OC. They fell in love and got engaged. But Luke decided to return to war even though Gabby was expecting their first child (Celeste).

Check out this other artwork I made to show a similar concept: Click

Dedicated to Chipolvee for the great times we had when RPing together with our two OCs <3 I'm sorry Lucian broke everyone's hearts >U<

Also thankyou to Ellenor for this challenge!!!

CREDIT: I used some free textures in this artwork (picnic basket, clothing). And I got so inspired by this Studio Ghibli scene that I had to use the same idea! I didn't know where this scene was showed, but it ended up being Kiki's Delivery service!

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