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Cold inside
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Dark!Lovell: “Bored!”

An example picture for a challenge I’ve made. The challenge is where a character
Normally Lovell, he is a happy-go-lucky and a bit of a child at heart, he’s really kind and a bit naïve, he loves traveling and discovering new things and is very curious. His key event is whether or not he successfully sneaks out of the city. Success – he becomes the person he is now, unsuccessfully he becomes dark, cynical, uncaring for the most part, he still has his curiosity for things but it’s a darker more twisted sort of curiosity, and has become a bit possessive of his ‘rare things’. He overthrows his father and becomes the leader of his homeland out of pure spite. Very sly, witty and manipulative if a bit frightening. With Lovell in power, Vorismar has become a very powerful and influential tribe that others try to get on their sides. And Vorismar (Lovell’s mainly) support can be brought by giving rare/interesting things, but Lovell slyness he takes advantage of this and his support is never guaranteed.

And the domino effect of this is that he doesn’t meet Iven. As for Iven I’m not sure what would have happened him. Iven would have either died young due to the harsh nature or that he becomes the only one left of his people and he becomes completely feral, and might eventually meet Lovell, but as being sold after being caught.

Challenge is here

This drawing is set about 20/30 years from that key event (and where he is now) So this is Dark President Lovell. I have trouble coming up with vilans and evil characters but I have no trouble and fun even when I turn my good characters bad! He scares me a bit in this drawing XD

I really liked drawing dark PM Lovell and I want to draw him more and make more alternative versions, it’s so much fun XD

Any tips on improving this drawing are welcome :) I hope you all like it ^^

Lovell belongs to me

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